Are you lazy? If your answer is yes this one is for you. If no you can navigate to other links. Laziness is like a termite which makes us hollow from inside. From procrastinating to ultimately not doing anything, it just is a form of ‘mental sickness’ yes not physical, which if not properly dealt with at the right time may have serious consequences.

Getting up late, just wanting to rest everytime, all this and many more is laziness. The way to get rid of this is to set small realistic targets to do everyday and complete it on time. Like doing ten minutes of exercise each day, waking up on the first alarm and not using the snooze function are some of the examples.

But everything about laziness is not bad, it can be a boom in disguise – the best innovations are done by many lazy souls who often find an efficient way to do things with lesser input aiming at higher outputs. Some companies do prefer these kind of people as they bring efficiency in their system.

All being said laziness is not a virtue and it should be dealt with utmost priority.

Abhinav Kumar Gupta

The Science Cliche


To all those science students who consider themselves as of some sort of higher status than their arts/commerce counterpart (and not to those who don’t, so don’t get offended :p).

They say that in arts you do only rote learning and there is nothing to understand, nothing to apply in the so called ‘real life’. It is an easy stream as compared to science. In science you go for concept and not lengthy stories which you have to remember.

A science student told me what foolish things arts students study like motivation, behaviour, politics etc. All these things we already know like what motivates us, what is behaviour and other such things. One could argue what foolish thing Newton did to think and study about gravity. He could have eaten that apple and slept. We all know that everything that goes up, does fall. Even a kid knows that unless he pushes a body, it will not move. Why then science students spend a lot of time and energy in studying these foolish things. The point is that every discipline of knowledge contributes in its own ways to the world.

To me these views are just due to lack of knowledge of science students about other disciplines. This attitude(especially of the science students of India) has to be changed and they should learn to respect other subjects and streams.


When a person works hard towards fulfilling one goal most of the time he tends to be in a high state discarding others as low creatures and piteous worth nothing. He thinks himself as he is the most hard working and others those who he are not doing the same job as he is doing are selfish idle beings and can do nothing. This is what i refer to a HIGH state when one is fully engrossed by ego and do not consider others worthy.


Now a time comes when the person’s goal is accomplished or he is fully exhausted, he finds that no one is there with him because earlier he disrespected others and considered them nothing near him. But as time passes he needs those people around him. The Ego sheds, the man relaxes , he hopes to come back in the relaxed state which I refer to as the NORMAL state. I think this is the perfect state a person should always be in whether he is a really hard working or not. He doesn’t need to show that he is hardworking. People are seeing it, they are recognising the fact.

A good person is one who remains humble even when he is a king or a beggar.

-Abhinav Kumar Gupta

Indian Elections 2014 : Dance of Democracy

Come elections and the political parties start flaunting themselves in order to woo voters yet another time for the next five years. Billions are spent by political parties in order to keep ahead in this dance of democracy. From state development models to the scheme that have been passed by the legislature all add up to the pile. Announcement of schemes and offers especially to woo the backward and minority classes are a big part of this game. Star power is rigorously flaunted and political parties hope to win some seats with the so called star power.  This 2014 election has got a slight new taste with one of the biggest party BJP appointing Narendra Modi as its prime ministerial candidate. Well this is not a big deal, the big deal is that the rival party which is currently in power Congress’s vice president Rahul Gandhi has been flaunted (by media and speculation and to some extent by both parties) as the opponent to Narendra Modi though not officially declared. Huge amount of money has been spent by both the parties in creating a Brand Modi and a Brand Rahul. This has created a spectacular rivalry and the flaunting of the party’s status and relationship with its past and ideology are in fashion now a days in India.


Dance of Democracy

The small regional parties are also not far behind. Flaunting their relations with the local people and local problems have always been their strength. Star power is playing a very important role in garnering support. All the parties have been giving tickets to famous actors, cricketers etc. to back on their popularity. Star power is a bid asset in attracting huge mob in their rallies during canvassing. Traditional TV ads of major parties are continuously running in premium time slots.

Social Media has also given a new way to parties to flaunt their status. Individual candidates now have official pages which are regularly updated. The number of likes are being increased through social advertisement campaigns. At the ground level individuals flaunting stickers, ribbons or flags carrying symbols of political parties on vehicles, houses etc. can be seen though not officially allowed. All this are done by them without acknowledging the source of money and no liability to people.

What a beautiful Dance of Democracy!!!



Abhinav Kumar Gupta

Iron Man


You can like him. You can hate him. But certainly you cannot ignore him. One of the greatest innovators of all time – Steve PAUL Jobs. But what do you learn from him??? Love products more than people… OR innovate.create something that becomes a part of an individual… OR bounce back each time obstacles pushes you back… there’s lot more though.

An inspiring person when it comes to innovation but the whole character is a bit chaotic. His story to innovation instills nectar in a lethargic person. His style creates fans. His products make the world go crazy. One would rather have a more successful professional life but if personally one is not very concerned about the feelings of individuals around him, his life is not worth appreciation. Based on the movie ‘Jobs’ and some other articles I find that he was not a very enthusiast friend, husband or a parent. Even treating the friends leave alone individuals like machine and the amount of quality work they can deliver did not suit me well. This kind of attitude may be very good for financial progress or innovation but is certainly not the one to be followed to lead a healthy life. I believe PEOPLE are more important than PRODUCTS.


Jobs 🙂

The main thought behind this piece is to point out the various aspects while we choose our role models. Steve Jobs is the role model of many youngsters right now.

Jobs may be the most suitable person to start a company like APPLE but was his life the most suitable life worth living?

Abhinav Kumar Gupta